Wireless Network Solutions In Johannesburg

Wireless network solutions depend primarily on the hardware component of your IT infrastructure. You need to have a thorough IT audit performed in order to see the health of your systems, since network adapters, routers, servers, and range amplifiers will be used as the backbone of your wireless network. Once these are all in place, we will be able to assist you in setting up a VPN for your company and hosting all of your network resources on the cloud. Cloud computing is the deployment mechanism in which you ensure your wireless network security and the longevity and continuity of your operations. This is especially important when uptime of a VPN must be 24/7 (such as if you are running a monitoring business for home security, car tracking, or similar).

3 Types Of Wireless Networks

There are 3 types of wireless networks, WAN, LAN, and PAN.

  1. Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN) are the ones commonly used by cellular networks to provide you with data and a mobile phone connection even when you are away from most forms of network access.
  1. Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) are the office and business network solutions most people are familiar with. This is what people refer to when they speak of WiFi. The range of WLAN can be anywhere from a single room to an entire campus.
  1. Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) networks have the least range. This is usually Bluetooth technology and is used to connect compatible devices in very close proximity to each other.

We will assist you in setting up a WLAN network where your digital assets are hosted on a server and you can access them using your office network or a cellular network if you are out of the office.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Wireless Network

WLAN solutions are not the end-all and be-all for your digital and IT infrastructure needs. They have both advantages and disadvantages, that need to be managed correctly by skilled IT network management professionals.


  • Increased Efficiency – With WiFi you can communicate with colleagues and clients alike, including exchanging key data and information.
  • High Availability And Ease Of Access – Your network has 24/7 uptime and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • Flexibility – You’re flexible to work wherever you decide and connect to the office network using whichever device is suitable.
  • Cost-Saving – Managed network services mean that a dedicated IT company will look after the health of your network as a whole, and you don’t have to expend any further resources for that purpose.

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  • Security – Wireless network security is of the highest importance when we set up your VPN. Access by unauthorised users must be managed, so that genuine users are free to do their work.
  • Installation Problems – You may experience interference with your network if others in your building also use WiFi or if there are other sources of radio interference.
  • Coverage – Some buildings have so-called ‘black spots’ where WLAN network coverage isn’t available. For example, a building with steel reinforcement may create difficulties in picking up radio frequencies.
  • Transmission Speeds – At times, wireless transmission can be slower and less efficient than a wired network. This is why it’s common for an underlying network to be fiber in order to support the wireless network features.

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