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An IT audit keeps your business-critical functions continuing because it gives you a working baseline for the health of your IT infrastructure. To ensure that all of your hardware is up to the latest specifications needed to ensure data integrity and adequate communications and resource-sharing capabilities. HSC Systems has site-specific IT audits which are uniquely centered on the South African IT market.

Primary Objectives Of A Comprehensive IT Audit

  1. Evaluate the components of the IT infrastructure, in particular, hardware and software, to see that hardware can support the latest software that is to be installed and that the software itself is the most current version which is supported.
  2. Determine the risks to the company’s data in terms of security this includes login details, antiviruses, firewalls and malware protection.
  3. Find all of the inefficient aspects of the IT infrastructure, including human resources who may need to be upskilled to use the components successfully.
  4. Ensure that all of the information management systems adhere to international standards and protocols concerning IT security, data-handling and more.

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