10 Common Network Security Threats We Protect You From

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Network security falls within the broader scope of cybersecurity. The latter is a critical function to the health of any IT infrastructure and can make or break the integrity of your entire operations. Digital asset management is a part of network security services and ensures that those assets are not corrupted and those permissions are adequately managed.

We ensure your hosted networks are protected from digital attacks coming from purpose-engineered malware to complex hacks.

We give vital information security solutions through constantly updated firewalls, antiviruses, and other remote-monitoring protocols to ensure any dangers to your information are managed right away. We utilize numerous failover alternatives and back-ups on replicated hosted servers (for automatic failover), and 24-hour cyclic back-ups to an independent HSC data centre. We additionally follow Disaster Recovery best practice and our approach to data security is methodical, measured, and extremely meticulous.

Why Is IT Security Important?

Each and every information breach has the potential to damage your business. Network security for businesses is one of the essential features of a private cloud as it isn’t indexed on the web, in the first place, which means it’s effectively not open to many. Add to that the managed firewalls and monitoring HSC uses to ensure your VPN, and you have triple security.

How Extensive Is Our Network Offering?

HSC Systems is associated with 24 South African ISPs. This places us in a special position to offer network coverage, and the related network security over a large amount of the small and medium business market, on the grounds that we have the IT resources and expertise to fully support whichever ISP decision you make.

Going with bigger ISPs, as far as availability and network coverage is always ideal. However, every business is unique, and your individual needs may be better fitted to a smaller, independent ISP. Whatever decision you make, we will always be able to support your cloud server hosting and liaise with whichever ISP you select.

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10 Common Network Security Threats We Protect You From

1. Malware. Programming that deploys a malevolent script on a network. This type of threat usually corrupts certain data files or prevents executable files from being able to run, rendering software useless. 

2. Phishing. An email-borne assault that includes fooling the email recipient into handing over private data or downloading malware by tapping on a hyperlink in the message. 

3. Lance Phishing. A progressively refined type of phishing where the aggressor finds out about the person in question and imitates somebody the individual knows and trusts. This is very targeted and is usually for financial gain.

4. “Man In The Middle” (MitM) Assault. Where an aggressor sets up a situation between the sender and recipient of electronic messages and corrupts the data mid-travel. Ultimately, the real message of the interaction between the two parties is only known by the ‘man in the middle’.

5. Trojans. This is malware which is masked as something that is actually helpful or works. Once it has been installed and executed, it runs the malware script in the background, corrupting files and sometimes deleting data.

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6. Ransomware. An assault that includes encoding information on the objective framework and requesting payment in return for allowing the network owner to access their data once more.

7. Refusal of Service Assault or Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS). Where an assailant takes over a large number of devices connected to a network and crashes the network by making all those devices require simultaneous access to the network. The network is overwhelmed by the high levels of requests to the server and there is a denial of service (the service being whatever is being accessed on the network). 

8. Assaults on the Internet of Things (IoT) Devices. IoT gadgets like mechanical sensors are powerless against numerous kinds of digital dangers. Because most businesses now connect security cameras, biometric scanners, etc. to a network, it also means that this extremely sensitive data needs to be protected. 

9. Information Breaches. An information breach is a burglary of information by a vindictive on-screen character. Information breaches are usually mass leaks of data found on databases, such as the WikiLeaks leak or the Edward Snowden NSA leaks. If your network holds vast databases of sensitive information, you could be vulnerable to such a malicious attack.

10. Malware on Mobile Apps. Most people do not think to install an antivirus on their smartphone because they are not inculcated into thinking of their phones as vulnerable, miniature versions of their laptops or desktop computers. They are. And this means that the potential for all sorts of mobile-specific malware is there. Particularly nowadays since people are using banking apps and other fintech on their phones, there is a high risk of their personal financial information getting leaked to the wrong people.

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Not all organisations need in-house IT support. HSC Systems offers a reasonably priced, tried-and-trusted network security for businesses, backed by a 99% SLA – that gives you the expertise you need while keeping costs at a minimum. Our IT engineers invest their time and energy on your network each month, finding out about your business and better understanding your needs. We are in a process of ongoing improvement to our network security solutions, and general enhancements to limit latency issues, ISP-related issues, and more. Our technicians, likewise, provide skills and experience from numerous case studies both on-the-job and theory-based; guaranteeing your business profits from the most cutting-edge IT and technical support solutions possible.

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