PBX Support

Our support structure is based on the knowledge that any delays or downtime on your VoIP landline can cost your business dearly. With this in mind, you will always be a priority when it comes to support. We offer a real-time client support service which is available at every step of the process – from sales and service installation, to setup, maintenance, customisation and for any issues related to HSC hosted PBX services.

Maximise uptime

The best part is, not only are our technicians just a phone call away, but with our cloud-based solution, 90% of issues can be corrected remotely within minutes. This further maximises your business uptime, prevents expensive call-out fees and ensures optimal customer service.

Resolution within minutes

Our virtual PBX is designed to keep things user-friendly and easy to maintain for you as the client. Still, there are certain situations that cannot be avoided, such as security updates, adapting to new hardware, compatibility with operating system update, your new techie guys working on the systems, and so on. However, by choosing HSC’s business phone system, such hindrances will never last long. You just need to get in touch with our experts and they’ll resolve any issue in a matter of minutes.

The unique HSC support offering
  • Chat to us – Use our live chat on the website for immediate assistance
  • Phone us – We’ll put a smile on your dial 😉
  • Email us – Send us an email, we’ll get back to you within an hour.

We offer ongoing support, but for an immediate response, we recommend contacting us during business hours. Alternatively, email is effective after hours, we will always be prompt.

Partner with HSC for top quality support and a seamless platform to help you scale your business.