PBX Systems

What is required to run a quality PBX solution for your business?

At HSC, we pride ourselves on reliability, honesty and quality solutions. With this in mind, we will tell you whether or not we can provide a service which meets our quality standards based on an assessment of the technology infrastructure you have in your business. To successfully run a quality PBX solution, you will need:

  • A reliable internet connection – It doesn’t have to be lightning fast, but reliability is important. We have the skills to make slower connections work optimally for your business.
  • VoIP enabled hardware – HSC can advise you on the most effective and usable hardware for your office. We have options for all budgets.
  • A subscription to our services – From R40 per month you can access the unrivalled benefits of our virtual PBX, including up to 70% cost savings on your telephone bill.

If the above is in order, we have highly skilled technicians who are trained in configuring your own VoIP PBX system with quality of service as their main focus.

VoIP enabled hardware options

Fanvil X3S Snom M9R Yealink CP860
Fanvil X4G Yealink W52P Yealink CP960W
Fanvil X5S Yealink W56H
Yealink T22P Switchboard/Reception
Yealink T462 Yealink T27P with expansion module
SNOM D785 Yealink T46G

HSC PBX Packages

HSC Systems offers 3 different PBX packages. The packages are based on the number of users and are broken down as follows:

Key Features Mover and shaker mid-sized Influencers Large and in charge Portion of phone bill Telkom Charges
Size 1 to 25 extensions or 1 to 10 000 minutes/month 26 to 150 extension or 10,001 to 100 000 minutes/month More than 150 extensions or more than 100 000 minutes
Cost per extension R 50 /month R 50 /month R 40 /month 15% to 30% R 261.00 per line/ month
Mobile phone charges from R 0.87 /min R 0.70 /min R 0.59 /min 40% to 60% R 1.30 /min
Landline charges from R 0.36 /min R 0.33 /min R 0.29 /min 10% to 20% R 0.46 /min
Other VoIP providers from R 0.48 /min R 0.43 /min R 0.36 /min 1% to 10% R 0.46 /min
Inter-branch calls Free Free Free 0


R 0.46 /min
Instant Messaging service Yes Yes Yes
Video conferencing Yes Yes Yes
Voice conferencing Yes Yes Yes
Desktop soft phone Yes Yes Yes
Voice Recording Yes Yes Yes
Mobile softphone (iOS & Android) R50 /month R 40 /month R 30 /month
Fax to email Yes Yes Yes
Telephone management System Yes Yes Yes
Number Porting Yes Yes Yes
VoIP PBX System Customisation Yes Yes Yes