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Remote IT Support & Solutions For Your SME or Small Business

Every small or medium-sized business will encounter IT problems sometimes because we exist in a digital age where computers and the web are ubiquitous. Being able to have a reliable, convenient, and most of all, cost-effective managed IT support structure is important. Currently, one of the best solutions to get the most out of this service is through remote IT support.

Our 30 years of experience in providing IT support across different industries has equipped us with the knowledge to make sure you receive the best help for your business. All of our technicians are highly skilled and constantly updated on the latest industry trends and technologies.

All remote IT support is location-independent and after the initial consultation to gauge the health of your IT infrastructure and to help you install new hardware or software to upgrade your systems, all office IT support can happen remotely.

What Is Remote IT Support?

Remote IT Support can come in two specific forms: Guided and Remote-Operated.

Guided Support

Where someone in your company encounters a problem and they call HSC Systems and we guide them through a troubleshooting process, so that the issue can be resolved. Depending on the nature of the problem, this approach is a viable fix for small issues.

Remote Operation

However, if there is a problem that requires technical expertise or understanding of diagnostic protocols, then we will assist you through remote operation.

We mainly use Team Viewer or AnyDesk to take remote control of your desktop. What we view is a virtual copy of your desktop because it is connected to your company’s VPN and we can run troubleshooting directly from our offices at a distance.

Our helpdesk support is full of qualified and meticulous IT technicians, who are able to run the gamut from a problem’s appearance to its final resolution.

HSC Systems uses our built-in Integrated Lights Out (ILO) system which monitors all parts of our servers and immediately notifies us should there be any fault on any part of the server.

IT Support

Common frustrations with IT

At HSC, we aim to remove these frustrations. We’ve built our IT solutions for small businesses in such a way that our services empower our clients and allow them to focus on running their digital operations.

All our clients can rest assured that their entire IT infrastructure is in expert hands!

5 Common IT Problems Effectively Solved By Small Business IT Support

 1.  I can’t access my cloud application:

We’ve found that 99% of the time this is a result of an internet problem. Either something which should be plugged in isn’t. Or device connectivity is failing or else it’s a problem with the ISP. We can troubleshoot hardware related issues via the phone and ping the ISP from our premises to check if they are having their own connection issues.

2. The speed or performance of the cloud platform has slowed

Usually, the client will notice this as reports running slowly, or the time to access cloud-hosted software will greatly increase. Again, this will probably be an internet issue that can be troubleshot with the client because the cloud is fully scalable and almost instantaneous in its adaptability to increased needs – so any slowness is not cloud-based, it’s connectivity based.

3.  I forgot my password

If you can’t remember your password to log into the server or application, it can easily be reset by a designated admin. And because HSC Systems is your dedicated business IT service provider, we will do this for you immediately.

4.  I have concerns about the security of my data

Sometimes people want to physically see the servers on which their data resides, believing, falsely, that it is much safer than standard, cloud-hosted data.

Cloud safety and computing are HSC Systems’ flagship offering.

Clients’ data is protected with tried and tested (and constantly updated) firewalls, server replication techniques, and cloud backups to an independent, offsite party. Further to this, we can always provide a physical copy of a client’s data at their request – however, this is not recommended as that data could get stolen or lost.

5.  Cloud computing just sounds too expensive

It might seem like it would be cheaper for you to buy your own servers once-off, but with cloud-hosting, you receive a service and an SLA which are typically not considered, and work out cheaper in the long run when bundled together. This is because your once-off purchase involves maintenance not just of the hardware but the software as well; hiring people to do that maintenance; routine overhead costs such as electricity to run the servers and cooling devices so that they don’t overheat – and so on.

Always-On, Always-Up, IT Support

At HSC, we aim to remove these frustrations. We’ve built our business on offering services that empower our clients and allow them to focus on running their businesses, knowing their IT needs are in expert hands.

Contact us to hear how to best use our managed IT support services.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your HelpDesk Support Services

First and foremost, you need a good IT service provider such as HSC Systems. Secondly, you need to have your IT infrastructure set up such that it is simple for the IT service provider to give you sufficient problem-resolution, without you incurring any extra costs.

You will have to consult with your IT service provider about the best way to set up your company’s VPN and other cloud services to allow remote access when things get critical. So, this includes which ISP has the best connectivity in your area; the internet speeds you’ll need to run all of your business-critical applications; and the client-side software environment you’ll need to access the cloud, including operating systems, etc.

You also need a service provider with a 24/7 activity logger which notifies them each time there is activity on the host server, including failed activities, and why they failed.

What Do You Get With Remote IT Support?

  1. We monitor your cloud during critical uptime and during downtime so that you don’t lose any data.
  2. We run security checks and updates regularly to make sure that your cloud resources are secure.
  3. We offer you day-to-day troubleshooting during your uptime so that if there is a problem, you don’t experience any downtime through our use of automatic failover systems and backups.
  4. We give you a monthly report on the state of your cloud so that you know the security levels of your data.

Reliable IT Engineers, At Your Service

Not all businesses want or need a full-time IT technician or team. HSC Support offers an affordable, reliable solution that gives you the service and expertise you need at a fraction of the cost. Our IT engineers spend time on-site every month, learning about your business and better understanding your needs. Our engineers also provide expertise and experience from multiple clientele, ensuring your business benefits from the most up-to-date IT and tech-support solutions.

Our Solution To Pricing

To create a solution that best meets your needs, HSC Systems offers complete IT support on a monthly retainer basis. We work with you to understand how many hours of IT support are required per month. This means no hidden costs and no surprise fees.

Contact one of our consultants to hear how we can help you solve some of your daily IT problems.