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VoIP Solutions for the Home

The HSC Home VoIP solution brings our signature high standard of service delivery and cost savings to your home. Our VoIP landline allows you to save up to 50% on your telephone line rental. With further savings on calls, you can reduce your phone bill by up to 60% – all while enjoying crystal clear line quality.

Why choose VoIP over traditional landlines for your home?

  • Reliability – 99% uptime
  • Cost Savings – reduce your phone bill by 60%
  • Keep your number – no hassle
  • Advanced features
  • 24-hour installation
  • No copper lines required

What do I need to switch to a VoIP landline at home?

  • A reliable Internet connection (preferably fibre or LTE)
  • A VoIP phone – we provide units from as little as R600
  • A subscription –There is no subscription or monthly fixed cost per month, you only pay for your calls each month.
Cost comparison

VoIP vs Traditional lines

HSC VoIP Traditional copper landline

Line rental/hosting


Free R 260 /month
Mobile phone R 0.70 R 1.30
Landline R 0.48 R 0.46
Additional features Free Pay per feature
The HSC Home VoIP Package

We offer households a single VoIP package with the option to customise specific features according to your specific needs. The customisable features include:

  • Personalised answering service
  • Call forwarding and line hunting
  • Do not disturb
  • Call blocking
  • Phone callback
Ready to make the change?

If you’re ready to take advantage of significant cost savings and unrivaled customer service, get in touch with us. We’ll have your new VoIP telephone line set up in just 24 hours.

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