VoIP for Home

Get crystal clear call quality, unmatched service, and reliability with HSC. Our VoIP phone systems for your home help you save up to 50% on your telephone line rental while reducing your phone bill by up to 60%. From VoIP phone hardware to hosting, to developing smart, highly customized home telephone systems, HSC is your end-to-end provider of VoIP for home and small businesses.

We’ll set up your VoIP phone line in just 24 hours.

Why choose VoIP for your home?

  • Reliability – 99% connectivity uptime
  • Cost Savings – reduce your phone bill by 60%
  • Keep your current phone number with hassle-free number porting
  • Advanced features
  • 24-hour installation
  • No copper lines required

The HSC Home VoIP Package

We offer households a single VoIP package with the option to customize specific features according to your specific needs. The customizable features include:

  • Personalized answering service and voicemail
  • Call forwarding and line hunting
  • Do not disturb and call waiting
  • Call blocking
  • Phone callback
  • Caller ID

Design a home phone service to your needs

We believe in designing and setting up a telephone system that works for you. Whether you only want the phone to ring, like a traditional line, integrate your home phone with your mobile device, or create ring groups, we can do it all for you.

What do I need to switch to a VoIP landline at home?

  • A reliable Internet connection (preferably fibre or LTE)
  • A VoIP phone – we provide units from as little as R600
  • A subscription –There is no subscription or monthly fixed cost per month, you only pay for your calls each month.

See how much you could save using VoIP for home phone:

Pricing: VoIP vs Traditional lines
HSC VoIP Traditional copper landline
Line rental


Free R 260 /month
Call rates: Mobile phone R 0.70 R 1.30
Call rates: Landline R 0.48 R 0.46
Additional features Free Pay per feature

Save Now

View our VoIP Calculator and see how much you can save over, Telkom fixed line

Ready to make the change?

If you’re ready to take advantage of significant cost savings and unrivaled customer service, get in touch with us. We’ll have your new VoIP telephone line set up in just 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

A VoIP phone converts your voice calls into data packets that are transferred over the internet, so you cannot use a VoIP phone with a landline. With a VoIP adapter, however, which plugs into either the phone socket or into your router, you can convert your regular landline phone into a VoIP home phone.

Unlike traditional analogue telephone exchanges, VoIP works by converting voice into a digital signal that can be transmitted over your internet connection. Using VoIP for your home phone reduces your phone bill and gives you increased control, powerful features when making and receiving calls.

You won’t be able to make VoIP calls without internet service, as VoIP uses the internet to transfer data between callers. Before you decide on a VoIP-based phone service for your home, make sure you have a stable broadband internet connection (LTE, ADSL, Fibre or Wireless).

You will need a VoIP-compatible phone or VoIP phone adapter to enable VoIP at home. An SIP or IP phone is designed specifically for Voice over Internet Protocol technology and gives you all the feature-rich functionality to design a custom telephone system for your home. You can also use a softphone app on your mobile device.

There are a number of advantages of VoIP over traditional analogue landlines. VoIP technology is more cost-effective, easier to install and setup, provides better sound quality and provides a host of smart, useful features that give you greater flexibility and when and how you are contacted.